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Below you'll find images from some of the locations around world where Spider Climbing magnetic climbing walls have been used to highlight special events, corporate promotions, amusement parks and schools. Our climbing wall systems are now active in over 50 countries worldwide. Send us images of your Spider Wall® in use and we'll post them here.

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Climbing Finish Designs

Below are examples of some of the wall finish designs we have done. We also we'll your ideas! our graphic arts department is complete capable of turning your vision into a reality.                                                              

Horizontal wall designs

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Vertical wall design 


Sony Pictures "Amazing Spider-man Secrets Unmasked Tour                             Fayetteville Arkansas

Amazing Spider-man Secrets Unmasked Truck Tour.

See news details


Spider Climbing at City Year fundraiser at Sony Pictures Studio               Los Angeles California

Sony Pictures Studio, City Year 2012 fundraiser.


AnimationPros Spider Climbing Shopping Mall Attraction - Geneva Switzerland

See the news story


X-Planet Ozas Shopping Mall - Vilnius Lithuania

Magnetic Climbing Wall at X-Planet in the Ozas Shopping Mall in Vilnius Lithuania.

LaFeria Magica Guatemala

Spider Climbing Wall at LaFeria Magica in Guatemala.


2008 IAAPA Road Crew: Dave, Susanne and Ken

New Vertical Wall

Dual Competition Paths

Susanne hits new heights

Ken goes inverted


Spider Climbing in Dubai U.A.E.

Below you'll see a great example of the Spider Wall being used as an event promotion tool. Dubai based advertising agency "Reibus" ( www.reibus.com ), used the Yard Climber wall system to attract young shoppers and their parents to a specific area of a new shopping mall. They added value to their presentation by also getting a picture of the climbers while they were on the wall. Big success, the climbers and their parents loved it!

Magnetic Climbing Wall in Dubai U.A.E.

Reibus Agency

Dubai Shopping Mall

Spiderman in U.A.E.

Great Spectator Sport

New York Hall of Science, NYC

New Spider Wall at the New York Hall of Science just in time for Spider-Man Week in Manhattan. The magnetic climbing wall is now available for special events and private party rentals

New horizontal magnetic climbing wall at New York Hall of Science.


Balearic Islands, Spain

Yard Climber magnetic climbing wall and people standing in line to climb

Attendees stand in line for a chance at Spider Climbing at a corporate promotion using the "Magic Wall" (Yard Climber) in Spain.

Young climber on magnetic climbing wall in Spain.


Balearic Islands magnetic climbing wall with young climber

The Balearic Islands are a resort destination where Spider Climbing magnetic climbing walls have been a great crowd pleaser.

Adult climbing magnetic climbing wall in Spain

The Netherlands

Spiderman movie promotion in Netherlands

Promotional event in the Netherlands for the Spider-Man II movie had attendees climbing just like the Super Hero.

Spiderman movie promotion in Netherlands on magnetic climbing wall


Seoul, Korea

Magnetic climbing wall in Seoul Korea National Science Museum

Final construction of the first 40 foot long horizontal Spider Climbing wall gets its finishing touches at the Seoul National Science Museum in Seoul Korea. Spider Climbing is being used as an interactive exhibit for guests visiting the Einstein 2005 Expo commissioned by the South Korean Government for "2005 Year of Physics".

Sporting Hill Elementary School, PA.

First-time in a U.S. public school; Spider Climbing Magnetic Wall System installed at Sporting Hill Elementary School, Mechanicsburg, PA.

Spider Climbing at Sporting Hill Elementary School

Sporting Hill Student magnetic climbing wall

Sporting Hill Elementary Spider Climbing Team

Sporting Hill magnetic climbing wall installation with climbing gear

Spider Climbing President, Dave Barnes shown here with retiring Phys. Ed. instructor, Richard Lohr. (center) and Todd Milano (left), contributing benefactor & president, Central Pennsylvania College.   

Richard: "I just wanted to leave something behind for my students that would be very special!"


Students get Spider Climbing training on opening day at Sporting Hill Elementary.

The Sporting Hill Team, charged with sharing their Spider Climbing training experience with the rest of the student body.

The new Spider Climbing Wall System installed in the Sporting Hill Gymnasium. Vertical installation of the SCI basic wall panels on concrete block

Spider Climbing in Tokyo, Japan

West Virginia, USA

Spider Climbing in Japan for Spiderman II movie opening.

Spider Climbing makes headlines in Japan, for the opening of the Spider-Man II movie

Japanese Kids magnetic climbing Spiderman II opening

Our Thanks to Sunny Color Japan, Inc. for sharing the images of their Spider-Man II movie promotions for Sony Pictures.

Spiderman in Japan for Spiderman II theater opening

Spider-Man tries out the new Yard Climber wall system in Tokyo.

New Magnetic Climbing wall at Inflatables Operation in West Virginia.

Inflatables operator Hold-On LLC in West Virginia with their new custom graphic climbing wall

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