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The only magnetic climbing wall and climbing equipment manufacturer in the world.

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Magnetic Climbing Systems

Video: How does it work?

How magnetic climbing equipment works video.

One of a Kind

The Spider Climbing Magnetic Climbing Wall System is the only commercial magnetic climbing system in the world. Using the super strength of rare earth metals and modern engineering, the Spider Climbing gear clings securely to our special climbing walls. Yet with a simple-to-master rolling motion, climbers can move up or down our specially made climbing walls. Even upside down or horizontally sideways!

Proven Anchor Attraction

With hundreds of units worldwide using our U.S. Patented climbing system, Spider Climbing magnetic climbing systems have proven their capabilities as an anchor attraction at FEC's, amusement parks, science centers and other destination locations. Attracting a crowd is what we do best!

Custom is Our Standard

Spider Climbing magnetic climbing walls are available in completely custom designs as standard fair. Our simply modular wall panels and framework can be design specifically for your specified space or use. You decide what works for you, we make it happen.


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